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H-Trap Fly Control System

H-Trap Fly Control System

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This commercial horse fly trap from Bite-Lite® is a sturdy, chemical free solution for controlling and trapping multiple species of biting tabanids (commonly known as horse flies, B-52 bombers, yellow flies, greenheads, and deer flies, etc.).  Compared to other commercial and government surveillance horse fly traps on the market, our horse fly trap has one leg, is easy to set up and maintain, UV proof, wind stable with a gyroscopic upper bracket and anti-rotation ground anchor, and tested to be more effective in protecting humans, horses, and cattle.   Our horse fly trap is perfect for any sunny area where female horse flies are a nuisance.  One horse fly trap will cover a 5 horse outdoor paddock or about 2.5 acres.   Assembly is required.   Two year warranty on mechanical parts.   (The H-Trap will not catch biting stable flies or horn flies.)

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