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Connection Series Clinic Deposit

Connection Series Clinic Deposit

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The Connection Series will be focusing on enhancing the line of communication with your horse and have fluidity through all transitions, movements and gait. 

The three main components of this clinic are: Seat Stabilization, Stability of the Mind and Unlocking your Horse’s Potential. 

  1. Seat Stabilization- how to effectively change the 3 main parts of your body to lower the center of gravity, open your hips for communication, and become more centered on the horse
  2. Stability of Mind- how to effectively communicate between horse and rider and eliminate the fears under saddle
  3. Unlock your Horse’s Potential- you will learn how to unlock your horse’s potential and help them become softer, more engaging from the hind end and moving more fluently.

The full day clinics are discipline specific and will have even more individualized attention focusing on various disciplines (depending which discipline the host has chosen for the weekend clinic). Participants will work with Scott Purdum in both group and semi private sessions focusing on seat stabilization, stability of mind, and unlocking your horse’s potential. In the morning, the group session will be going over the three main components mentioned above. Following the group session, you will have a semi-private session (times will be provided by Advantage Horsemanship) scheduled with Scott to focus on those 3 main components to further enhance the line of communication with your horse. Through seat stabilization and opening the communication line, riders will start to see a difference right away. You will learn to feel and push your horse in a positive way. Throughout the weekend, you will see each session building off the last leading to a true connection under saddle. You will immediately feel the sense of when true connection is accomplished as each move you feel a sense of elegance. Total cost for these discipline specific clinics are: 2 day weekend-$549/rider. 3 day weekend-$649/rider. You must place a $250 deposit to reserve your spot.   

*Clinic prices will be changing in 2024

Auditing is available for $25/day or $60 for all three days. You can purchase auditing passes here.

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