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15ft Training Line

15ft Training Line

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Finding the best Lead Rope for the job can be tough. Whether you are working in close surroundings with your horse or wanting to push them to a good distance away from you, Scott's 15' Lead can do it all! Along with its amazing feel in your hands, this lead rope is designed to help you improve your horse whether you are working with an unruly green horse, or refining that show horse in your barn. However, a lead is only as good as the harware that easily attaches it to the halter. That is why it comes with a replaceable heavy duty bolt snap. While it is a heavy duty snap, it can break under enough pressure, but because the snap can be removed from the rope you will not have to replace an entire lead rope but just the snap instead. This rope comes in a variety of colors including Black w/ White striping, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, and Blue.

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