Fast Track Clinic Deposit

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  • $ 250

Have you ever wanted a weekend tailored specifically to your needs and wants with your horse? Then this is the weekend for you! During this weekend, Scott creates a program specifically designed for you and your horse. No matter the skill level or discipline you ride, Scott will integrate his program and method to Fast Forward your success! There is no more feeling like you are either too advanced or too much of a beginner to attend because during this weekend each person will be working on different exercises depending on the program Scott plans out for you. Scott creates a fun, educational, and supportive way for every person to advance in their own way and with their horse! By purchasing this clinic deposit, you will be receiving a contract and a phone call to set up which clinic date you want to participate in.

*Total cost for this weekend is $649

*Stall rental may have certain vaccination requirements such as: Rabies, Flu/Rhino, Potomac, up to date Coggins and Strangles Vaccination--required for clinics at any AH facilities

*Leadership Club discount is available to members after atleast 3 months of membership

* This is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit within 4 months of the clinic. Up to 4 months you can get 50% of your deposit refunded. This deposit also can not be transferred to another clinic within 1 month of the clinic. 

*2 Day Clinics will be paid in FULL