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Advantage Horsemanship

Virtual Lesson

Virtual Lesson

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This is your time to get a PRIVATE ONE ON ONE lesson with Scott no matter your location around the world! This is a 30 min lesson over Zoom Meetings where Scott evaluates where you are with your training and gives you a plan to progress towards your goals. 

All you need to do is record a training session, which can be on the ground and/or under saddle, highlighting the issue you want to fix or just the overall picture of what you would like to improve.

Please keep this video up to 10 minutes long and upload it to YouTube, or somewhere Scott will be able to watch prior to the scheduled lesson.  This will allow you to talk with Scott and go over video footage to discuss what the best training program will be for you.


A live riding session with Scott where you will set up with a tripod and wireless headphones and ride while Scott can assess and work with you on whatever issues you may be having. 

This is a great way for Scott to see live time how you and your horse are doing.

The lesson will take place over Zoom. Once you sign up, we will set up a time that works for you and Scott and send out a link for the meeting. 

After purchasing, we will reach out to you to schedule a time to work with Scott.

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